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Video: Dwight Howard "loves" confrontational relationship with Kobe, discusses Lakers

Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant are beginning to get on the same page as leaders of the Lakers. Dwight Howard discusses the team's direction, and why he loves Kobe's confrontational nature.


Dwight Howard loves Kobe Bryant's confrontational demeanor? Apparently so, as Howard says it's something they need as a team to enforce a winning culture and bring the best out of the roster. Dwight also discusses how he and Kobe are starting to find themselves on the same page, and how important it is for them to lead the team together if they want to grow. This is an extremely different tune than what we've heard from Dwight recently, but a much welcome realization if it's something he genuinely believes in. With the Lakers playoff chances in jeopardy still (they are now 4.5 games behind both Utah and Houston for the bottom two playoff seedings) the next stretch of games is make or break (7 on the road, ending in Miami). Kobe and Dwight playing, and leading, with cohesion is step one in the Lakers making ground starting tonight against the Hornets.

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