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Video: Mike D'Antoni, "I don't have a system"

Mike D'Antoni discusses the Lakers latest win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, how the Lakers are succeeding, and says he doesn't have a system but principles to build around.


The Lakers have won an astonishing two games in a row and most noticeable has been Kobe Bryant notching up assists more than field goal attempts. Have the Lakers figured out a way to utilize Mike D'Antoni's "system"? D'Antoni talked about how he doesn't have a specific system that he is trying to instill, but basic basketball principles. This isn't dissimilar to what he's been preaching all season: good ball movement, good spacing, good screens, and the ball will find energy. He also elaborates on Steve Nash being utilized as a spot-up shooter (even goes as far as to say they should've considered doing that more in Phoenix but "the other stuff" was working too well) and Kobe Bryant as a facilitator.

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It all goes back to one of his bullet points as a coach, and puts it back on the players: they needed to become comfortable within the team as individuals so they could start playing together.

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