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Lakers vs. 76ers

We're going streaking!


Tonight the Lakers kick off the new year with a game against the 76ers, one of the teams they beat during their most recent 5-game winning streak.

During their visit to Philly last month, Kobe Bryant faced his hometown crowd once again and gave them what they wanted (well, except for a win), scoring 34 points on a very efficient 12-21. Tonight, he and his teammates need to do the same for his adopted hometown crowd. We want a win. It's that simple.

Philly is still without star center Andrew Bynum (but they have this), but Jrue Holiday is back at point guard. For the Lakers, Chris Duhon is a game-time decision (moment of silence) due to back spasms.

When all is said and done, let's hope we're singing a happy tune.


Reminder: No GIFs in the game thread until the game has ended, and please do not post links to streams. Thanks and enjoy the game.