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SB Nation United: It's Almost Here

So a few weeks ago, C.A Clark hinted at the upcoming changes to SB Nation, and unveiled the new Silver Screen and Roll logo. Today, we're proud to present some teaser screenshots of how the new layouts will look and feel across the network.

Now, we know change can be scary and some folks will feel uncomfortable leaving the familiar SS&R homepage. However, trust me when I tell you that the upcoming changes will significantly improve user experience, with faster load times, easier navigation, a cleaner design and a more engaging visual experience. Mobile users will finally have the full site at their fingertips, and will enjoy the same experience as everyone else, no matter what device they are on.

One last thing to note: the community aspect of SS&R will not change. FanPosts and FanShots will still be here, and they will still be driven by the best Basketball Community on the Internet. That, along with the great work the staff creates, coupled with the new SB Nation updates, will continue to make Silver Screen and Roll a dominant and powerful force in the blogging community for years to come.

Now, the pictures:

[click to make pictures larger]

The new-look Silver Screen and Roll homepage gives us the flexibility to change the layout and location of stories as the day progresses.


Other layout examples:




The improved FanShot section, looking nice!


A new feature that the SB Nation Designers have added is StoryStreams. Think of them as magical rivers of information, continuously updating, with the most recent happenings at the top, ready for your eyes to devour. Care to read about what happened in the story timeline two hours ago? Just scroll down. Beautiful.


And now, tying it all together. Below, you'll see a glimpse into the future, a future of only one page. Yes. One. Page.


It's going to be okay, my friends. It's going to be okay.

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