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Labor Day Readings: Come One, Come All


As one of the most memorable summers in Lakers history comes to an end, the dog days of the NBA world are upon us. The free agency signings are all but a distant history as the Eddy Curry's of the world are working out for teams. Media days and training camps mock us all in the distance, a month away, and those grains of sand in the hourglass are taking their sweet time. With that said, what better time to catch up or take a closer look at the wide range of content the basketball world has put together detailing the shiny new Lakers team? The perfect material to accompany your long weekend I'd say! Here's a wrap up of a few select pieces from around the web.

  •'s video detailing the Princeton with Nash and Dwight is a great starting point in understanding what's in store for the Lakers' offense. If there's one video to watch over the holiday weekend, this is it. Coach Nick does a great job discussing how Nash and Dwight will fit into the Princeton offense, while also giving a clear visualization of offensive sets and movements we can expect the Lakers to implement. Click here to get going on that!
  • Zach Lowe over at's The Point Forward put together a strong breakdown of how Kobe Bryant will work within the Princeton Offense. Lowe ends the piece claiming "He has the tools to make all of those adjustments, and to make them at the right times and in the right amounts. If he's really one of the league's smartest players, he'll do the job.", but how and why will Kobe get there? Get to reading right here!
  • Sebastian Pruiti of Grantland meshed together a wonderful article that goes in-depth on the Princeton offense, then provides video evidence of Eddie Jordan's Washington Wizards who utilized the Princeton themselves. This is broken down into sections detailing Dwight/Pau, Nash, and Kobe, as well as an overall explanation of the Princeton from Eddie Jordan himself with the NBA TV crew. This is great work between the explanations provided, and the video footage to back it up. So, click right here, and enjoy the ride.
  • Darius Soriano from Forum Blue and Gold provides an analytical look at how Dwight Howard isn't just about improving the Lakers defense. While at face value it may seem obvious with the pick and roll possibilities with Nash zipping the ball to Howard, he breaks down the numbers behind why Howard will be a force for the Lakers offense across the board. Head over to Forum Blue & Gold, this gift waits here for you to unwrap it.

Late Entry

  • And a "bonus" entry as this came about early Friday morning, Pete Carril, the master of the Princeton offense, discusses his thoughts on how it will work for the Lakers. In regards to the Kobe fella many are worried about, he has this to say, "Well, if he sees it the way I see it, and the way Eddie sees it, he's going to take less shots and make more of them.". It's a great interview with a great basketball mind. Here's your link to that (tip of the hat to Ben Rosales for bringing this to the table)

And lest we forget the content from our home here at Silver Screen & Roll...

  • Ben Rosales' thorough overview of what the Princeton offense is in theory, and what the Lakers offense will be transforming into next season, is an essential read. Considering it's his alma mater we're talking about here, you can be sure he gave this analysis the attention it deserved, while also grinning about that 1996 1st round upset the whole way. Phenomenal break down here for your reading pleasure.
  • Mark Travis took a step away from all of the Princeton offense chatter and drove down the nails on the Lakers defense, and how Dwight Howard changes everything. How are Ed Reed and Dwight Howard alike when they're in the game? Check that here, because as the old saying goes, defense wins championships.
  • C.A. Clark dives right into the moment that set off the Lakers' summer - the Steve Nash acquisition. I personally will always remember the moment I found out that Nash was headed to Los Angeles, and this is a wonderful piece capturing what it meant to the Lakers. Relive the triumph of when the Odom trade exception, and "basketball reasons", finally came full circle here.
  • TheGreatMambino breaks down the Dwight Howard trade in this piece, an event that felt as if it had been years in the making. The realization hit that, hey, this could be one of the greatest starting lineups ever assembled. A defining moment that hopefully transforms the future of the franchise for the next decade. Here ya' go.
  • And last, my debut piece with Silver Screen & Roll breaking down how Kobe Bryant will be looking at one of the most efficient seasons in his career. Kobe's 2012-2013 campaign should be about quality, not quantity, and this will lead to a better Kobe and better Lakers. Time to maximize the end of Kobe's career. Head over here to read up.

And thus concludes the Labor Day weekend readings. Enjoy the three day weekend, stay safe, but most of all GO LAKERS!

- Drew

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