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USA-Argentina Open Thread

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I understand if your mind's not really focused on Olympic hoops at the moment. There are other things happening in Lakerdom. But amid the Dwight Howard celebration, Kobe Bryant and Team USA have a semifinal game to play. The opponent is... aw man, Argentina again? Doesn't this make it, like, three times in two weeks? The Lakers don't even play the Suns this often.

Anyhow, Argentina... you can probably recite their starting five from memory by now. Manu, Scola, Delfino, Nocioni and Prigioni. I only had to look up that last one. Team USA beat them by 29 on Monday and they'll probably do something similar today. The Americans could lose, I suppose, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to see how that's going to happen.

Kevin Durant led with 28 points in the last meeting between these teams. I have no other information because I've only been thinking about Dwight Howard for the last 18 hours. Dwight Howard Dwight Howard Dwight Howard!

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