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Steve Nash Continues His Assault On Our Hearts

It's not exactly breaking news that Steve Nash is one of the most likeable players in the NBA. He would be capable of achieving said feat simply with the entertaining and team-friendly brand of basketball that he has been orchestrating for over a decade. But Nash also doubles as one of the league's most entertaining and legitimately funny dudes.

Now that Nash has joined forces with our beloved Purple and Gold, we've been treated to an all out assault on the senses. His request to come to the Lakers seems to have come from the most noble of intentions. He is willing to accept your alcohol at 70 miles per hour. And he apparently loves releasing parody films like the one seen just below the jump, in which he takes on the classic Marlon Brando character from the "The Godfather".

I knew Nash was a funny dude, but the sheer amount of entertaining hilarity he's produced over the past couple weeks is shocking. Is this just par for the course, or is Nash kicking it into overdrive to win over his new fanbase and remind everyone else that he is too lovable to be disliked?

Video after the jump.

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