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Lakers-Spurs Summer League Open Thread

Getty Images

This summer-league team the Lakers sent to Vegas? Yeah... it's a catastrophe. Good thing summer league is just for lulz, because I'd hate to see our comment boards if the IRL Lakers ever lost three straight by an average of 34 points.

The Lakers have two more chances to pick up a W before calling it quits for the summer. First up, today at 3:30 California time, are the 1-0 Spurs. Kawhi Leonard is the biggest name on San Antonio's squad. Cory Joseph and James Anderson are also in the starting lineup. Leonard will be easily the best player on the floor today, but beyond him the talent disparity isn't overwhelmingly in the Spurs' favor. The Lakers will probably lose again but probably not by 50.

(Cool stat: through three games, nobody on the Lakers is shooting better than 45 percent. As a team they're shooting just over 28 percent.)

As usual, NBA TV and Summer League Broadband have the moving images.

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