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Steve Nash Press Conference Will Be Noon On Wednesday

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Just a quick heads-up: Steve Nash will make his first official appearance as a Laker on Wednesday. He'll be introduced at a press conference at noon Cali time because that's the correct time zone for all Lakers activities. East coast time can go to hell. A live stream will be available on the Lakers' official site. Press conferences, well, they mean big news, and the signing of Nash fits the bill. It also remains possible today won't be the Lakers' only one, if you know what I mean. As the madness of the offseason plays out, we'll all just have to stay tuned.

Also, per Kevin Ding, Nash has chosen to wear jersey number 10. This once belonged to the great Norm Nixon and was most recently worn by the equally great Trey Johnson. Can Nash live up to the high standards set by Trey J? That should be the first question asked at his press conference. Credential me, Lakers! I'm good at journalisms and whatnot.

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