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Lakers-Nuggets Open Thread

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It's already been a great deal for L.A. sports, what with the Kings advancing to the Western Conference Finals (for only the second time in franchise history) following a sweep of the St. Louis Blues. Go Kings Go! If only the Lakers had handled their business on Friday night we could've possibly enjoyed an ultrarare double-sweep. Alas.

By the way, Andrew Bynum has the top PER so far in this series, at 27.8. Then comes Kobe at 24.5. The only other two players in the series with PERs above 20 are Pau Gasol (21.1) and Ty Lawson (21.5). Words and numbers, yo!

Finish off some of your leftover Cinco supplies whenever someone mentions:

  • How the Lakers' goal was just to take one of two in Denver,
  • The Knicks winning earlier today,
  • The number of games left on Metta World Peace's suspension,
  • Playoff injuries, or
  • Albert Pujols's home run.

Off you go!

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