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Lakers-Nuggets Open Thread

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This is the sort of game the Lakers almost always lose. SO MANY TIMES recently, they've won the first two games of a playoff series at home and proceeded to drop Game Three on the road. In the Pau Gasol era they're 2-6 in these circumstances, the only two wins coming against Denver in 2008 and Utah in 2010. Frankly I expect the same thing to happen tonight. The Denver crowd will be hyped and the Lakers know they just need a road split. I hope to be wrong, and if I am I'll have to start adjusting my expectations for this Laker team.

Have a Brass Monkey in MCA's memory whenever someone mentions:

  • Altitude,
  • Fast-break points,
  • How only once in their franchise history have the Lakers failed to win a series they lead two-zip,
  • "Manimal," or
  • How the Thunder are up three-zip on the Mavs so the Lakers BETTER GOTDAMN WIN TONIGHT.

Ahem. Sorry for the outburst. Enjoy the game, everyone.

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