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Lakers-Thunder Open Thread

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Welcome back to the meat grinder, kiddos. I hope you got a good night's sleep and have been carbo-loading in preparation for Game Four. Here's a quick list of things we need from the Lakers tonight: more aggressive play from Ramon Sessions... Kobe posting up Derek Fisher as often as possible... Metta World Peace getting into Russell Westbrook's head again... some sweet dishing n' swishing from Pau Gasol... Andrew Bynum changing up his post moves to counter the excellent D of Kendrick Perkins... fearless clutch shooting from Steve Blake... Jordan Hill mixing it up down low... Matt Barnes not being horrible... a loud and intimidating(ish) Staples crowd... John Kuester cooking up a mad-genius out-of-bounds play... and Mike Brown not getting in the way of the foregoing. NONE OF THIS IS OO MUCH TO ASK.

Let slip the dogs of your out-of-control alcoholism whenever someone mentions:

  • Free-throw stats,
  • Fatigue,
  • The Clippers blowing that huge lead today,
  • "Holding serve," or
  • Jack.

Permission to comment: GRANTED.

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