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Thunder 77, Lakers 75: Just Devastating


In heartbreaking fashion, the Lakers choke away a game they had to have, as the Thunder rally in the last two minutes to close out the game right in the face of one of the greatest closers of all time. Wow. Hard to sum that one up.

With two minutes left in the game, the Los Angeles Lakers led by 7 points over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Victory felt secure, as the Show had completely taken OKC out of their game for nearly the entire second half. The contest had turned into a slow, physical slugfest, just the way that everyone on the team, coaching staff and management said they'd have to do to win this series. Bynum and Pau were controlling the paint defensively, with Metta World Peace having his hands seemingly over every single Thunder possession. OKC was confined to shooting jump shot after jump shot, and unlike Monday's debacle, they continued to miss. And again. And again.

Two James Harden lay-ups, a Kobe turnover and a clutch KD bucket later, the Lakers were down one, with everyone wondering "What the eff just happened?". After looking like their feet were bogged down by thick midwestern mud all game, the Thunder came alive and looked exactly like the killers they were just 48 hours ago. The Thunder stole this one. Or did the Lakers choke it away?

This is the postgame thread. I'd say enjoy, but I know no one is in the mood the enjoy much of anything right now. Just devastating.

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