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Lakers Look to Bounce Back From Embarrassing Loss to the Thunder

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So, it's been about 36 hours since the Lakers were handed their worst loss in a playoff game since 1998. How will they respond? That is a very good question. Kobe Bryant says they haven't been too "down", while acknowledging that they have to do better than they did in Monday night's debacle, while some think he's already given up.

"We're a team that doesn't get down when we get blown out. We've been blown out a bunch of times this season, blown out last series a couple times," Bryant said.

"We're used to dealing with that."

"Everything's fixable. It's just about making adjustments. That's really what the postseason is," said Bryant, a five-time NBA champ.

"They came out, took us out back and whooped us. It's on us to make adjustments, to make changes and come back with a better effort — and we will."

Erm, you might not want to get too used to getting blown out, Kobester. That will mean the premature end of your season.

Speaking of premature exits, it seems Danilo Gallinari is having a tough time getting over the Nuggets' loss to the Lakers in round one.

"I had a bad night. It's my nature, and I was given this by my parents, to live for those big moments. I want big games to prove to myself that I'm a winner and not a loser," Gallinari told me Monday [...]

"I didn't have just the world watching that game, but also my friends, my family and everybody in my home country knew I was coming out to have a big game. And I didn't."

"I'm still not sleeping. I'm still mad," Gallinari said. "Not talking to anybody. You lucky I'm talking to you guys today."

Hey Gallo, your time may come, but for now, take some Unisom and catch some ZZZZZs.

And what was Devin Ebanks thinking, going all "CRACCCQQQQIOOOU!!!" in that game? Ridiculous.

Game 2 is tonight. The Lakers will need to come of hibernation since the Thunder will be loaded for bear.


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