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Lakers 90, Thunder 119: The Beginning Of The End

Game 6 in Boston, Game 4 in Dallas, now Game 1 in Oklahoma City... it's time to open up the historical registry of Laker Playoff Humiliations and add a little something new. The Thunder vaporized the Lake Show tonight. Led by Russell Westbrook (29 points and a near triple-double) and Kevin Durant (25 points), the OKC attack exposed Mike Brown's defense as a disorganized, hopeless mess and gashed the Lakers for an insane 1.35 points per possession. The Thunder did anything it wanted... transition scores, second-chance points, lobs, patient halfcourt sets... hardly ever in living memory has a Laker defense looked so overmatched.

Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum each scored 20 points, but honestly who cares. This team is up against an opponent that's younger, more talented, better rested and so, so much better coached. In the wake of an asskicking like this, the locker room could well start fracturing. One guy we probably don't have to worry about from this point forward is Devin Ebanks, who comically got himself tossed in the fourth quarter and - hey why not? - proceeded to punch Mike Brown's chair (empty at the time) and reveal his shirtless body to the OKC fans on his way out the door.

More later tonight. This is your postmortem thread.

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