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Lakers-Nuggets Open Thread


The Lakers are handing out pom-poms tonight, which... I don't know, doesn't that seem a little minor-league for a franchise with 16 championships? If Laker fans can't summon the fury for a playoff elimination game, props aren't gonna help. In any case, we're in for a night of pretty tense drama. Hard to believe, but the season could be over in a few hours. Or we could all be taking a two-second breath of relief before stressing about the Thunder.

Game Seven anxiety will compel you to drink whenever someone mentions:

  • Magic Johnson's prediction that Mike Brown will be fired if the Lakers lose,
  • The noise level at Staples,
  • How the Lakers (in 2006) were the last NBA team to blow a 3-1 series lead,
  • How long the Oklahoma City Thunder will have been resting by the time the second-round series starts, or
  • "Win or go home."

This is Game Seven, people. Comment or go home!

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