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Lakers-Nuggets Open Thread

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Win or lose, the Lakers will play again on Saturday. The NBA announced today that if the Lakers win, the second-round series against the Thunder will start in Oklahoma City on Saturday-Monday. If they lose, of course, they'll be back at Staples to face the Nuggets in Game Seven. Other news-chunks you might not've caught if you've been off the Internet: Kobe missed shootaround with gastroenteritis, and Chris Andersen's home is the target of a kiddie-porn investigation. Ick. Andersen has been excused from the team while the investigation continues.

The time for a nervous sip of alcomohol is whenever someone mentions:

  • Laptops in the huddle,
  • Michael Jordan's "flu game,"
  • How after Game Five, the Lakers' locker-room white board said to "pack for three games,"
  • The Lakers' 12-2 record in closeout games in the Pau Gasol era, or
  • Andrew Bynum getting back on defense (or not, as the case may be).

Time to go to work!