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Lakers-Hornets Open Thread

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Yes, it's the Hornets again, the team the Lakers seem to face once every five days. The last time we saw them was on March 31, when Kobe Bryant got kicked in the shin. That little owie has blossomed into something called tenosynovitis. Because of it Kobe missed the Phoenix game on Saturday and won't play tonight either. Maybe I should be more concerned about the injury than I actually am, but I kind of think that (a) he'll be fine by the playoffs, and (b) the Lakers needed to get him some rest anyway. It's not like the Lakers are in danger of missing the playoffs, right?

Anyhoo, off you go to the liquor cabinet whenever someone mentions:

  • David Stern,
  • Mardi Gras,
  • How the Lakers gave up a season-high 125 points to the Suns,
  • Eric Gordon's right knee or back, or
  • Lamar Odom leaving the Mavericks.

Nine games left.