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Lakers visit Hornets, Kobe Bryant's Status Uncertain

Will we see Kobe Bryant on the bench again?
Will we see Kobe Bryant on the bench again?

The Los Angeles Lakers visit the New Orleands Hornets tonight, in the second game of a 3-game road trip that concludes with San Antonio. This is by all accounts and purposes the prototypical "trap game," as the West-leading Spurs await on Wednesday.

Kobe Bryant's status for tonight's game is still up in the air, as the L.A Times reports:

There is no timetable for his return, but Bryant will be reevaluated Monday before the Lakers continue a three-game trip in New Orleans. They conclude it Wednesday in San Antonio.

If you think that doesn't sound bad, check this out via ESPN LA:

Lakers trainer Gary Vitti said Bryant has tenosynovitis, a condition where the tendon sheath in the shin has become inflamed, making Bryant experience irritation when his movement causes his tendon to slide in and out of the sheath.

He's been playing with this and it's not getting any better," Vitti said. "Really the only way to stop it is to shut him down.

Unless Kobe has Wolverine-esque genes, he will most likely sit-out tonight. The Lakers should still have a pretty good chance of winning on the road, as the Hornets are 15-41, with only 7 wins at home. However, we all know this Lakers team and they could very well have another performance just like Saturday's loss to Phoenix.

Honestly, at this point, even if Kobe was 90% healthy I'd still rest him and give his shin two more days off before Wednesday's game.