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The Credits: "Melancholia"


Starring: The Lakers are downed by the Suns. The big news is Kobe sat out of the game for the first time this season. What's concerning is apparently he's been playing on the injury for the past five games, and it's not getting better. There's a possibility the Lakers will be without Kobe for a few games. If last night was an indication of the intensity level the Lakers sans Kobe will play, we're in trouble:

I'm not even going to bother with the play of the game because this was just a horrid, horrid loss. It started out sloppy to begin with to the point you thought you were watching a glorified pick-up game. And you know that this helter-skelter kind of play favors the Suns. When it eventually, uh, settled down, the Suns played that chaotic ball like only they can. Yes, the Lakers were leading at the end of 1, 32-24. But that tempo favored the Suns right from the get-go.

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