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Lakers-Suns Open Thread

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Welcome back to Silver Screen and Roll, America's most popular website. Tonight we have for you a game of basketball involving the Lakers and the Phoenix Suns. This puts the lid on a grueling week for the Lake Show. They'll have played five games in seven days when this one's all over. You get the sense they'd just as soon chill out through the balance of the regular season. Unfortunately, the Clippers are still just a couple games back, so there's no rest for the weary quite yet. (Except for Andrew Bynum, who gets to rest every third night when he gets ejected.)

Join me, won't you, in a refreshing drink whenever someone mentions:

  • Shannon Brown's "meat hooks,"
  • Whether Phoenix will ever trade Steve Nash,
  • Dwight Howard wanting Stan Van Gundy fired,
  • How many games separate the Suns from the eighth seed in the West, or
  • Easter.

Comment now, if the spirit moves you.

(LAST SECOND UPDATE: Kobe Bryant WILL NOT play tonight because of something called "tenosynovitis" of the left shin.)