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The Credits: "Million Dollar Baby"

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Starring: Freakin' Andrew Bynum. He was on a short leash all night with the refs against the Rockets. He would complain after every non-call. He would jaw at the Rockets and their bench. He'd throw his hands up in the air. All the little things added up and the refs just weren't having it anymore:

Somebody has got to explain to Bynum that his temper tantrums are getting more costly at this point in the season. Baby Bynum's selfish ways again put his emotions before the team. There is no excuse for these continued outbursts. Coach Brown can't keep down playing these problems. It is only a matter of time until Bynum's immature antics invade the locker room.

With Andrew's 19 points and 7 boards closed in the box score and another quarter to play you already knew where this one was going. The coaches warned Bynum not to get another tech. He was well aware as were the Rockets. They threw out the bait and the big kid took it.

The act of jawing at the bench itself doesn't warrant an ejection, it was just his attitude all night that led to it. Sure, Bynum has come a long ways, but he still makes it extremely frustrating to watch.

In other news, Griffin's shove on Pau Gasol was ruled a Flagrant One, Kobe talked about the Lakers on the Dan Patrick Show, and the Spurs are now the top team in the west.

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