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The Credits: "Our Idiot Brother"

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The Staples road lights are kinda weird
The Staples road lights are kinda weird

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated their sophomore co-tenants, earned the pivotal tiebreaker, and all but wrapped up the Pacific Division and 3rd seed in the West with the win last night against the Clippers. Not a bad night if you're a fan of the Purple & Gold.

In a game that was a joy to watch, the Lakers refused to lose focus down the stretch, with key defensive stops and sound ball movement that led to good looks. Led by the dynamic duo of Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum, who combined for 67 points (on 26 of 39 shooting!!!), the Lakers held out for a 113-108 victory.

After the game, Mike Brown talked about the execution on offense,

MB: Our team executed well offensively, Clippers have been playing well defensively as of late and for us to score 113 points on 52% shooting was a very productive night for us. It was the combination of Kobe [Bryant] and [Ramon] Sessions going for 14 assists and then our bench having eight assists. Kobe [Bryant] was very efficient out there going 13 of 19 and Andrew [Bynum] out there going 13 of 20 makes us a different team. It was just a good overall effort by everybody.

and Andrew Bynum talked about the importance of the win.

AB: Kobe [Bryant] didn’t want to lose tonight. We are fighting for a playoff spot. They are one game behind us so we had to get this win. Ramon [Sessions] was amazing for us tonight especially at the end. He did what guards are taught to do, jump into the shot blocker’s body and then finish and there was nothing they could do about it.

Sit down, Clippers.

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