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The Credits: "Hero"

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My oh me oh my.
My oh me oh my.

Once again, the Lakers found themselves in trouble after giving up all of a 17-point lead to the lowly New Jersey Nets, winners of three in a row, but just nineteen on the season. And once again they had to rely on their unmasked hero, Kobe Bryant, to bail them out in the final seconds of the game. Like every superhero, I'm glad he's chosen to use his powers for good instead of evil.

On the night, Kobe was super efficient, shooting 10-16 for a cool 63% (50% on 3-pointers). But he wasn't alone because Pau Gasol also came through big in his first game at center since the beginning of the season. He had to play there because Andrew Bynum was out with a sprained ankle, suffered in the first quarter of Sunday's game. He's listed as day-to-day, but says he will try to play tonight against the Clippers. What he's not saying is anything about the fine levied against him by the team for "numerous infractions", including a missed meeting with GM Mitch Kupchak. Mike Brown says he's not worried about Andrew and the Lakers are still keeping him in their future plans, but the talk will not die down, and Andrew has no one to blame but himself.

Not to be forgotten from last night's game is the amazing skill of Josh McRoberts--or was it luck?--in hitting a buzzer-beater to end the first quarter. He had a grin on his face until the end of the game, as well he should. I think we all did. Way to go Josh.

In other news, the Knicks are terrible, the Lakers are lob leaders, Kareem is getting a statue and a Lebanese player single-handedly scored 113 points in a game, including 32 3-pointers(!).

Next up for the Lakers, the Clippers, who now claim there's no rivalry. Hmmmm, interesting.

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