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Lakers-Nets Open Thread

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What to do with Andrew Bynum? The youngish big man seems to be working through a bit of a rebellious phase. There was the three-pointer and benching, of course, as well as his ejection in Houston. Then he told T.J. Simers that he doesn't participate in team huddles because he's "getting his Zen on." Now, it seems, he's blown off a meeting with Mitch Kupchak, which is just rude. The Lakers have fined him an undisclosed amount.

Tonight, in any case, Bynum won't take the court. He'll be resting the left ankle he moderately sprained last night. Pau Gasol moves to center, and either Josh McRoberts or Troy Murphy will start at the four.

Alcohol is the only way forward whenever someone mentions:

  • Tomorrow night's game against the Clippers,
  • How the Nets tried to acquire Dwight Howard at the trade deadline,
  • Deron Williams's impending free agency,
  • Moving to Brooklyn, or
  • Anthony Davis.

Let us go then, you and I.