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NBA Playoffs Round 1: Lakers - Nuggets Live Gamethread

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The wait is over, folks. Los Angeles Lakers playoff basketball, circa 2012, has arrived. Today, the Los Angeles Lakers begin what will hopefully be another long playoff journey towards that ultimate prize, the Larry O'Brien trophy. They start their journey with the Denver Nuggets, those fast-paced crazy cousins of the NBA fraternity. Most of the Lakers' starting lineup hasn't played basketball in over a week, so getting off to a strong start and avoiding the rust of rest will be vital to ensuring that this series doesn't give us any more heartburn than it needs to.

Tip that cup of PBR whenever:

  • ABC shows yet another replay of Metta World Peace's elbow to James Harden's head (it will be the 357,657th time they've shown the clip)
  • Kobe Bryant decides to leave Arron Afflalo wide open on the perimeter
  • You can't actually see Ty Lawson fully defined because he's moving to fast
  • Matt Barnes makes a three pointer
  • The Lakers throw a lob pass

We live for this time all year long, folks, so enjoy it.