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Lakers 96, Kings 113: Have A Great Summer and KIT

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The Los Angeles Lakers lost tonight to the Sacramento Kings in a sporting contest of some kind. It bore all the resemblance to a normal NBA contest that the last day of school before summer break compares to the proceedings throughout the rest of the year. With none of the regular Lakers starters suiting up besides Ramon Sessions, the Lakers were always going to look a ragged unit, and Sacramento was quite willing to help out by running the game at a helter-skelter pace. Only once this season have the Lakers had more than tonight's 91 field goal attempts in a game that didn't require extra time.

Did we learn anything of importance tonight? Not really. We saw Christian Eyenga for the first time, and he was kind enough to show us some of that crazy-ass athleticism we've been missing since Shannon Brown left town with one strong dunk and a couple quick jumping blocks/goaltends. Troy Murphy shot the ball fairly well. Jordan Hill proved a willing, but not particularly capable, mid range shooter. And Josh McRoberts can apparently shoot threes, hitting his first two on the night. If he had quit while he was ahead, he would have ended the season shooting 50% on his six three point attempts.

Hope you all had fun and signed everybody's yearbooks. Now it's time to get down to business.