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Metta World Peace Suspended 7 Games, Will Miss 1st Round Of Playoffs

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Well, the hammer, she has been dropped. The NBA did not let the question of Metta World Peace's impending suspension linger for long, and has given word that Metta will be forced to sit for 7 games, starting with Thursday's regular season finale against the Sacramento Kings and continuing into the playoffs. Once the season ends, MWP will serve an additional six games in the playoffs, all but guaranteeing that he will not see time until the 2nd round, should the Lakers make it that far.

The length of the suspension is unprecedented for this kind of event, but then so was the viciousness with which Metta delivered the blow. You can bet that Metta's past history and the net result (James Harden has not yet been cleared to resume basketball activities) all played a role in the NBA's deciding to hit Metta World Peace with such a lengthy turn on the pine (or more appropriately, at home, since MWP can't even be in the arena for the seven games). But, as mentioned yesterday, the lengthy suspension is deserved and important, because Metta needs serious reminders that his actions have consequences so that he might have a better chance of remembering previous consequences the next time he gets the impulse to act.

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