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Top Grooming Moments in Lakers History

For being willing to rock a piece of hair equipment that challenges gender boundaries, Sasha Vujacic deserves mention as a top moment in team grooming history.
For being willing to rock a piece of hair equipment that challenges gender boundaries, Sasha Vujacic deserves mention as a top moment in team grooming history.

Over the past week, many of my fellow SB Nation brethren have been dedicating words to the top moments in team grooming history. I was going to try to do the same, but well, I ran into a problem.

The Lakers as an organization have had some pretty boring hair.

Take the current team for example. There aren't even that many players who have enough hair to be considered in the first place. Kobe doesn't have much. Neither does Drew. the only guys who have enough hair to significantly groom either look homeless or drunk. These 'dos' should not be celebrated.

But it goes further than that. Throughout the Los Angeles Lakers' storied history, there has been a startling lack of interesting hair. Think about the Lakers superstars throughout the ages. Kobe has dabbled with the 'fro, and has a couple of attempts at a decent goatee, but nothing special. Shaq? No hair. Magic? No hair. Worthy? A respectable stubble. Kareem? No hair. Hell, even in the 70s, where awesome facial hair reigned supreme, Jerry West and Elgin Baylor never went past crew cuts and center parts. Wilt Chamberlain provided some entertainment, but it was muted by his own standards.

With nowhere else to turn, I landed on the answer. Beautiful flowing locks, the kind of mustache that makes 12 year olds jealous ... Adam Morrison was just so perfect. He was also just so taken. I'd be mad at Rufus On Fire for stealing AMMO away from us, but we stole him away from them, and besides, the dude is right. Charlotte fans need some love right now.

So I'm going in a different direction. Us Lakers fans are used to hate, used to jealousy and envy, so it only makes sense for me to devote this exercise towards a player who's coif is equal parts excellence and antagonistic. Enter one Sasha "The Machine" Vujacic. Make no mistake, in the world of basketball, Sasha has great hair. Beautiful flowing locks, well preserved and cared for. A clean-shaven face (which is no easy feat for a resident of the Eastern Bloc). But what really makes Sasha's look special, what really makes it his own, is that casual, almost imperceptible, 1 inch gap between where his hairline stars, and where the locks start flowing.

That, ladies and gentleman, is Sasha Vujacic's hair band.

You might not think that look is worth celebrating. It's not awe inspiring like a James Harden, or a Brian Skinner. It's not freakish like a Dennis Rodman or a Birdman. It's downright effeminate. But that's what makes it beautiful. Sasha Vujacic doesn't care what you think, he has his style.

And his style works. The man is engaged to tennis superstar Maria Sharapova, someone far beyond his station in terms of celebrity. The man who wears the girly hairband, punching above his weight on the international dating scene? Sasha Vujacic's hairdo trolls us all, and that makes it a perfect representation of a top moment in Lakers grooming history

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