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Lakers Look to Recover From Spurs Loss, Face Oklahoma City Thunder

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For the second time in less than a week, the Lakers are reeling from a beating that should have been reported to police for its brutality. Two days after the San Antonio Spurs handed them their worst lost of the season (just 3 days after handing them their previous worst loss of the season), they face the younger, faster Oklahoma City Thunder, a team they've already lost to twice this season. The most recent meeting happened to be Derek Fisher's return to Staples Center after he was traded to the Rockets (sounds convoluted but you know the story). We can only hope this time around, things go our way.

In other news, Kobe Bryant, after sitting out seven straight games, is still the league's leading scorer at 27.9 PPG, while Kevin Durant is nipping at his heels with 27.8. However, Kobe says he's not worried about it.

But when asked about the opportunity to win another scoring title, Bryant gave a typical response.

"Not very important," Bryant told Mark Medina of the L.A. Times.

Classic Kobe.

Around the league, Derek Fisher has been asked to resign as President of the NBPA, a step he refuses to take; Marcus Camby says players believe in a "Blazers Curse"; the Nets may go after Kevin Garnett in free agency; the Clippers are going to put a force field around Blake Griffin; Dwight Howard's back surgery has been deemed successful; the Jazz are not leaving Utah; and the Heat lost to the Wizards (see, it happens to other teams too).