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Lakers-Thunder Open Thread


Remember when trading away Derek Fisher seemed like a big deal? It likely still is to some, but for the most part people seem to have got over it, for three reasons I think. One, Ramon Sessions has, pretty much, exceeded expectations since arriving from Cleveland. Two, the Lakers have more pressing on-court problems to worry about these days. Three, none of those problems would be cured by inventing a time machine, traveling back to February and undoing the Fish trade. In any event, Fisher's back today for the second time since the Lakers shipped him to... *has to look it up* Houston. Welcome back to Staples, Fish! Again.

Taste the barley and hops, really let the flavors dance on your tongue, whenever someone mentions:

  • The scoring title,
  • The top seed in the West,
  • How Daequan Cook won the three-point contest that one year,
  • How the Lakers have three days off before their finale in Sacramento, or
  • Fish getting booted as head of the players' union.

Two games left.