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The Credits: "Something's Gotta Give"

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Mike Brown, Lakers Coach
Mike Brown, Lakers Coach

Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers scored a season-high 120 points en route to a 120-112 win over the Golden State Warriors. Kobe Bryant bounced back and silenced the critics with a superb showing, 40 points, on 16-28 shooting, 3-3 from downtown, 5 assists and 3 rebounds. We saw a Kobe Bryant, just 24-hrs removed from his worst shooting night in a decade, slice and dice the Warriors defense and play within the offense for his most efficient game in weeks.

This game wasn't without a cost, however. With so many games in such a short time period, it's a wonder how for the most part, this Lakers team has dodged the injury bug that has plagued other teams in the League. (Do me a favor and knock on wood right now, all of you) A Laker was bound to get hurt, and of course it was Andrew Bynum. Late in the first quarter, Bynum came down on McRoberts' foot and suffered the most basic of all basketball injuries: a sprained ankle. He was taken into the lockerroom for x-rays, but fortunately, they were negative.

The Lakers are officially calling it a "moderate ankle sprain" and Bynum will be re-examined tomorrow. Over on Twitter, Mike Trudell added:

Caught Andrew Bynum (ankle) on the way out. He's sore, but told me he is "fine" & "definitely" playing on Tuesday vs NJ.

Bynum was in good spirits, happy about the win, limping only mildly. Gonna treat ankle tonight/all day tomorrow.

Good news, right? We'll have more throughout the day as updates are made available. It looks like today will either be an off-day for the Lakers or a light practice day. With so many games upcoming and not many days off, maybe it's best if Mike Brown rests the team and prepares for the grueling stretch ahead.

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