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Lakers-Warriors Open Thread

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Still no 40th win. Still no Mamba? By the time you're reading this you'll probably already know, but at press time there's still no word. We do know that he's been out on the Oracle Arena court, shooting and playing one-on-one with an assistant. As for the Warriors, just assume that anyone you've heard of is sitting this one out. David Lee? Out. Stephen Curry? Out. Andrew Bogut, Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins? Out, out and very out. Instead we're looking at a whole lot of Klay Thompson and Dorrell Wright with side dishes of Charles Jenkins and That Dude Who Signed a 10-Day Contract.

Help the alcohol help you whenever someone mentions:

  • An old Mark Jackson catchphrase,
  • The number of Laker fans in the Oracle stands,
  • The score of tonight's Clippers game,
  • The score of tonight's (Los Angeles) Kings game, or
  • How the Warriors have lost 15 of their last 16 to the Lake Show.

Four games left.