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Lakers-Nuggets Open Thread

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Hello, there! I hope this Friday night finds you all well. Kobe Bryant won't play this evening, making this the fourth straight game he's missed with a sore left shin. I continue not to be concerned about this. I don't know anything about it that you don't, but Kobe's body language and the manner in which he and the team have been discussing the injury don't throw up and red flags in my view. Far more worried was I about the crazy minutes he was playing, which at one point led the NBA. If a little injury is what it takes to force Mike Brown to give one of his stars a rest, so be it.

Beat a path to the fridge for boozy refreshment whenever someone mentions:

  • Thirty rebounds,
  • How the Lakers and Nuggets could meet in the first round,
  • The rain in Los Angeles,
  • The Kings possibly leaving Sacramento, or
  • Friday the 13th.

Seven games left.