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Andrew Bynum Grabs 30 Rebounds, World Peace Kills Spurs

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Very nice, very nice.
Very nice, very nice.

During the first two minutes of last night's game, a 98-84 win over the Spurs, we were treated to eight combined misses, perhaps hinting toward a slow battle of attrition between two West rivals. During these two minutes, Andrew Bynum picked up three of his career-high and NBA season-high thirty rebounds. If that doesn't sound impressive enough, how about this:


Bynum had eight offensive rebounds, and the Spurs got one -- and that was from Parker. As a team San Antonio only had three more total rebounds than Bynum. This translated into the Lakers having a 16-3 advantage in second-chance opportunities.

The Lakers as a team held the Spurs to only 40.7% from inside the arc, but the Spurs still managed to shoot 52.4% from downtown as they made thirteen long-balls. The Lakers led most of the game, however, and at one point were up 26 points in the fourth quarter. Under-the-radar contributions came from Matt Barnes and Steve Blake, as both continue to work hard in their respective roles.

Enter Metta World Peace, or should we say, Ron Artest.

Last night, MWP had a throwback Ron Artest performance, back to the Pacers days were he was excellent throughout. I can't do MWP justice, just read this:

San Antonio only trailed by five at halftime, and it still was a single-digit ballgame when Green hit a pair of free throws with 7:13 to go in the third quarter. That's when World Peace got ridiculously hot. During a 13-2 run he scored nine of those points, including a 4-of-4 showing from the floor. The Lakers led 71-51 with just less than four minutes to go in the quarter.

Metta World Peace finished the game 10-for-15 from the floor, and he was 5-for-6 when the Lakers outscored San Antonio 27-16 in the third quarter. It got so silly at one point that on one possession when the shot clock was winding down the ball was kicked back out to him at the 3-point line where -- flat-footed -- he knocked that one down too. Over the last three games he's 8-for-13 from the 3-point line and had an 8-for-10 showing from the floor two games back against Phoenix.

Say Queensbridge!!!