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Lakers-Spurs Open Thread

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The Lakers are underdogs tonight. Large underdogs. Vegas has the line at 9 to 10 points in the Spurs' favor, and though I haven't really researched the point I'd be surprised if they've ever faced a point spread this big in the Pau Gasol era. That's what you get when you combine (a) no Kobe Bryant (out for a third straight contest with a sore left shin), (b) a road game against one of the four best teams in the league, and (c) a Lakers team that just got annihilated in Phoenix and just barely escaped New Orleans with a win.

Draw down your inventories of intoxicating fluids whenever someone mentions:

  • That Metta World Peace inbounds play against the Hornets,
  • How Gregg Popovich rested Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili against Utah the other night,
  • Whether NBA players should be compensated for participating in the Olympics,
  • How the Lakers and Spurs play three times in 10 days, or
  • The Riverwalk.

Eight games left.

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