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Lakers-Warriors Open Thread

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These games, they just keep coming. This week has five more on the schedule. Five!! Is it any wonder Kobe Bryant isn't playing well? Mike Brown gives him barely any rest during games, a problem resulting in part from another problem (the failure of the front office to sign an adequate Shannon Brown replacement) and whose effects on Kobe's game are compounded by a third problem (the lack of recovery time between games). That's not to excuse Kobe entirely: when you're shooting less than 40 percent you probably shouldn't fire it up 20 times a game. But good Lord... he especially, and Pau Gasol as well, have to be wearing down.

Empty your Game of Thrones shot glasses whenever someone mentions:

  • Kobe's shooting percentage,
  • The crazy-ass winds in Los Angeles today,
  • How Brandon Rush's old college team is in the NCAA title game,
  • How Andrew Bynum doesn't take part in team huddles, or
  • April Fool's Day.

May the odds be ever in the Lakers' favor.

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