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Over, Around, Through? Choose Your Flight

You've already been briefed on the mission: to let Nike know what type of flight you enjoy most on the grand stage that is the National Basketball Association. The first task was to whittle down the different variations on the theme. That has been accomplished. We have but one candidate remaining from each category. Now you choose which one reigns supreme.

Flying Around, Through And Over Opponents: What's Most Impressive? -

I'm not going to lie to you ... from a purely selfish Lakers fan perspective, you may not like the available choices. All three representatives represent incredible plays, but two star resident villain Dwyane Wade, fresh off venting some nasal fracturing frustration at an All Star Game. The third represents both what might have been (in starring Chris Paul, a member of the Los Angeles Lakers for a solid three hours) and a rough portrayal of our own beloved star, Kobe Bryant, in a moment that is certainly not his finest.

So forget the colors that bedazzle your iPhone/carflag/bedroom and just enjoy three sick highlights. Make your choice without prejudice.

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