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Lakers-Wizards Open Thread

So much for feasting on the NBA's lower class. Yesterday I mentioned how the Lakers hadn't enjoyed their fair crack at the worst teams in the league. My implication was that life would get easier once they started facing teams like, oh I don't know, the Detroit Pistons. Did someone not pass the message along to the Lakers themselves? Who's responsibility was that? All I know is, I didn't sign the paperwork on a loss to Detroit, and no one better even think about dropping one to the Wizards. The Pistons, at least, are nearly a 0.500 team at home. The Wiz have lost 75 percent of the games in their own gym.

Have another one on me whenever someone mentions:

  • Andrew Bynum yelling at Derek Fisher during yesterday's game,
  • How Pau Gasol and Mitch Kupchak sat down recently to clear the air over trade rumors,
  • Peyton Manning getting cut,
  • Nick Young's shot attempts, or
  • The Bullets' 1978 NBA championship.


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