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The Credits: "Road to Perdition"

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The Lakers' road troubles continue as they fall to the uber-subpar Detroit Pistons in overtime, 88-85. The team is now 6-13 away from Staples Center, which is baffling considering their stellar 17-2 home record. It seems every time they collect a big win, they give it all away in their next outing. It's an old dance done to the same old song.

The last three big Lakers victories have now been followed by letdown losses, hardly the kind of sustained excellence the Lakers are hoping for as they near the postseason.

The Lakers won at Boston on Feb. 9 and then lost the next night in New York. The Lakers won at Dallas on Feb. 22 and then lost the next night in Oklahoma City.

The Lakers beat visiting Miami on Sunday and then took a flight to Detroit the next day, and lost in overtime to the Pistons on Tuesday night.

A loss is bad enough, worse when one player has a stellar night, but the worst is when that player is Andrew Bynum who scored 30 points and grabbed 14 rebounds, his 11th straight double-double. Hopefully, we'll see more of that tonight.

In other news, John Wall doesn't think the Wizards are serious enough; Kevin Garnett doesn't like rebounding but does it because he's good at it; Mark Cuban still has faith in Lamar Odom; the Charlotte Bobcats put a whoopin' on the Orlando Magic; and Jason Kidd thinks the refs should show a little more respect to the Dallas Mavericks.

Next up for the Lakers: the 8-29 Washington Wizards. LOL

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