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Lakers-Pistons Open Thread

In terms of quality of opposition, there hasn't been much of a soft spot in the Lakers' schedule so far. Here's what I mean. There are eight teams who clearly make up the NBA's bottom tier: the Hornets, Raptors, Kings, Nets, Pistons, Cavaliers, Wizards and Bobcats. If the schedule were perfectly balanced, the Lakers would face some member of this crew eight out of every 29 games, or about once every 3.6 contests. Instead, the Lakers have played these guys five times total, or about once every 7.4 contests. Starting tonight in Detroit and tomorrow in Washington, these numbers will even out somewhat. From now until season's end the Lake Show has seven games against the league's dumpster rats.

Take it upon yourself to ingest alcohol whenever someone mentions:

  • The trade deadline,
  • How John Kuester used to coach the Pistons,
  • The Lakers' record on the road,
  • March Madness, or
  • Kid Rock.

(No politics, please.)

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