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Lakers-Heat Open Thread

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Here we are. Measuring Stick Sunday. A chance to see how the Lakers size up against the best in the league. Remember the last time the Lakers beat LeBron James. I do... maybe? Wasn't it a weeknight game in Cleveland, like, three years ago? I'm not sure, obviously. It's been a while.

Chris Bosh won't play today. He's in Texas for the funeral of his grandmother. Udonis Haslem will start in his place.

It's a bit early in the day, but don't let that deter you whenever someone mentions:

  • LeBron James passing up the last shot against Utah on Friday night,
  • That time Lakers fans threw foam fingers on the court (it was foam fingers, right?),
  • Dwyane Wade's foul on Kobe Bryant in the All-Star Game,
  • Whether the Lakers, per Mike Brown, are "starting to get it," or
  • "Foot on the line."

Predictions? Anyone got a prediction for this one? Let's hear 'em!

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