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The Credits: "Revenge"

"My name is Kobe Bryant. You broke my nose, prepare to lose."
"My name is Kobe Bryant. You broke my nose, prepare to lose."

The Lakers are poised to take on the Miami Heat in a rematch of their January 19 game, which was a 98-87 loss for the Lakers. There has been plenty of talk about payback over the last week, particularly should Andrew Bynum or Metta World Peace retaliate for Dwyane Wade's hard foul on Kobe Bryant in last Sunday's All Star game. Common sense tells us no, that there is no need for payback. Bynum agrees...sort of.

"I can’t do anything about it," said Bynum, who lost about $750,000 from his two suspensions. "If I do anything they’re going to definitely hit me. It sucks. It’s not good. It’s unfortunate. It’s something we got to deal with. I got Beasley, I got Barea and people blame me for the Gerald Wallace incident."

"There is an eye on Matt Barnes and [Metta World Peace] and myself," Bynum said. "There just is. It’s part of the game. We’re going to get hit extra hard for anything."

Truth be told, the only payback the Lakers need is a win over a true contender, and beating the superpower of the Eastern Conference would be a great start.

The Lakers (22-14) have fared particularly poorly against the NBA's elite teams this season, going 1-7 versus Miami, Chicago, Oklahoma City, the Clippers, Orlando, Indiana and Philadelphia.

In the meantime, Kobe, who said recently that he has no current rivalries going, sat out practice on Saturday in order to get treatment on his neck; Metta World Peace talks about the aftermath of his concussion; and Mike Brown has stopped tinkering and finally settled on his rotation. Maybe good things are coming our way.

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