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Lakers-Warriors Open Thread

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Stephen Curry, who has an injured right ankle, won't play tonight, continuing the Lakers' strange run of facing opponents whose best players are out hurt. Look for David Lee to get more than his usual share of touches. Klay Thompson and Charles Jenkins as well. This Warriors team, they're... they're not good. The Lakers are capable of losing to anyone, of course, particularly on the road, but this is clearly a contest they should handle with ease. A mammoth game awaits on Thursday night, then the Thunder visit Staples, so there's also a danger here of looking ahead to the more glamorous opponent. Danger, danger! The Lakers, for you betting types, are favored by 7 this evening.

Initiate drunk mode whenever someone mentions:

  • Kobe Bryant's fourth-quarter benching,
  • Jerry West,
  • The Monta Ellis trade,
  • The OKC game on Thursday, or
  • How Brandon Rush's old college team is in the Final Four.

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