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The Credits: "Bully"


Starring: The Grizzlies bringing the playoff intensity against a lackadaisical Lakers team. From the onset the Grizzlies looked hungry. Coming off a blowout loss to the Clippers the day before, they were looking to redeem themselves. The Lakers looked hungover:

But it was the defense that really let the Lakers down. The rim went unprotected. Cutters weren't bumped. Too many shots went uncontested. When the ball was turned over, too many Lakers watched instead of racing back on D. The result was too many easy shots and on a night where the Lakers couldn't hit their own open jumpers, they didn't have the firepower to overcome such poor effort. It got to the point that Mike Brown even sat Kobe in a key stretch of the 4th quarter.

Wait, what? Kobe was benched? Apparently after a series of frustrating plays where Tony Allen had his way with Kobe, Kobe punched a chair on the bench and Mike Brown decided he probably needed a breather. No biggie right? Afterwards, both parties said all the right things, and it should be a non-issue moving forward.

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