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The Credits: "Joyful Noise"


Starring: The happiest Lakers team I've seen this season. Kobe Bryant banked a free throw in the closing minutes of their win over the Blazers after Matt Barnes dared him too. Kobe couldn't stop smiling. And he wouldn't, even after the game was over, looking like a college kid headed into the final four for the first time. Asked how it felt to play with Sessions, Andrew Bynum responded:

Bynum said in his post-game interview that he'd never worked with a point guard like Sessions, who is so quick and so crafty. "It's fun," Bynum said. There goes that "f" word

It seems the Lakers have turned a corner. After a painful sweep from the playoffs last season, and turmoil in the offseason, the Lakers never seemed to be having fun, all while losing leads, and underperforming in the clutch. Death glares from Kobe, exasperated shrugs from Bynum were the norm. Not last night, not with Ramon Sessions.

In other news, there is no other news, except RAMON SESSIONS. more RAMON SESSIONS, and yet MOAR RRRAMONN SESSIONSSS.

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