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Lakers-Blazers Open Thread

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Ramon Sessions is your new starting point guard. As I mentioned the other night, I haven't been super worked up over whether he starts, so long as he plays most of the PG minutes and all of the important ones. At least he gets to be part of pregame intros now, which should be fun. I hereby instruct the Staples Center crowd to applaud wildly.

As for Portland, they be lottery-bound. The recent strip-down of the Blazers' roster takes the air out of tonight's game somewhat, and that makes me nervous. I don't need to tell you that the most helpless-seeming opponents are the most dangerous to these Lakers.

Open a bottle from your gravity-defying wine stand whenever someone mentions:

  • Nate McMillan,
  • Jason Smith's hit on Blake Griffin last night,
  • How Sessions and J.J. Hickson were Cleveland's leading scorers last year,
  • That Wesley Matthews's dad played for the Lakers, or
  • The Hunger Games.

Happy Friday!

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