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The Credits: "Unleashed"



After countless road games, humbling defeats, and downright embarrassing losses, the Los Angeles Lakers competed as one cohesive unit and dominated an opponent away from Staples Center. Best of all, the Lakers defeated the defending champs on their own turf, in front of their fans and on national television. Last year's playoff exit still stings, but beating Dallas twice helps mitigate the hurt.

The Lakers shot a blistering 58% from the field, with Kobe and Pau slicing and dicing for a combined 57 points. Ramon Sessions played the best game of his short Lakers career last night, dropping 17 points and dishing out 9 assists. His ability to control the game, probe the defense, keep his dribble alive and find the open man is a welcome sight that hasn't been seen in L.A for years. Kobe had this to say:

His savvy is really the most impressive thing. A lot of players have speed, but he understands how to change directions and sees the floor extremely well. That’s the thing that makes his speed extremely valuable, is that he can change gears.

I’ve been extremely impressed. He takes a lot of pressure off of me. I can be a legitimate two-guard now. He can playmake for others, before, I had to score and playmake for others as well. I don’t have to do that, I can be on the receiving end of those plays.

Yup, we've all fallen in love.

Elsewhere Around the League, Fisher made his debut against the Clippers, Knicks undefeated under Mike Woodson, Tony Parker injured in Spurs' big win, and Jim Buss wants to hold a live chat today. Today is a good day.

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