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The Credits: "The Trouble With Bliss"

Andrew Bynum Trollface. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE
Andrew Bynum Trollface. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

Starring: Yet another fourth quarter meltdown. With a 95-83 lead with 6 minutes remaining, the Lakers give up a 24-9 Rockets run, losing after a Dragic three pointer. This has been a recurring theme all season, with the Lakers seemingly getting complacent after feeling they can dominate a team at any time. After letting the foot off the gas, the Lakers just don't seem to be able to get going again.

The Lakers played a great opening quarter behind the hot shooting of their Big Three - Pau Gasol (12 points on 6-8), Andrew Bynum (8 points on 4-6) and Kobe Bryant (9 points on 3-5). They had just a single turnover to the Rockets' six and went into the next 12 minutes with all the momentum...and then they really let Houston have it. Yes, the Lakers let the Rockets take all of that momentum, and each time the visiting team grabbed some back, the home team snatched it from them.

Also, Mike Brown is pissed at Bynum for his ejection, Devin Ebanks wants more playing time, and Derek Fisher is close to signing with the Thunder.

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