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Lakers-Rockets Open Thread

Tonight's contest won't start until about 12 after 5:00, California time, which leaves you with more than a little time for some recreational reading. Might I suggest clicking through to this little gem? It's about whether the post-trade deadline Lakers are good enough to compete - really, really compete - for the NBA title this year. I've never heard of the author but he seems perceptive and criminally handsome.

Let's see, any last-minute pregame updates pertaining to Lakers versus Rockets? Kevin Martin (shoulder) won't play. Metta World Peace (hip bursitis) will play. Ramon Sessions, as he does before every game, has eaten a Snickers bar. Does he have access to Lamar's leftover stash?

Drinkarino whenever someone mentions:

  • Derek Fisher possibly signing with Oklahoma City,
  • 3 for 20,
  • How Jordan Hill used to be a Rocket,
  • The Mask, or
  • Golden State fans booing their owner last night.

With that, I cede the floor.

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